Educational and Skills Hub: Agro, Special, Science, Engineering, Auto and Medical (AWASEAM)

Sn Complex Skills-For-Industry Needs  

Engineering University specialization:

Mechanical, Electrical/electronics, Civil/Structural, Architectural, Implements Design and Agric mechanization, materials, Automotive/Autotronics, Aeronatics/Space, ICT/Telecom, Petroleum

B. Skills Development Centre (20-in-1)/TECVAS Skills complex
C. Auto college + R&D Facility + TA + Spareparts manufacturing skills
D. Education Materials Manufacturing Centre for University, referral, research and teaching facility

Science University Courses:

– Mathematics

– Computer

– Physics

– Chemistry/Analytical

– Botany

– Agricultural economics/extension services

– Food & dietetics

– Human nutrition

– Zoology

– Socio-science (Sociology, political science)

– Environmental sciences

– Physical science (Geography/urban & regional planning, Archeology)

– Others: Environmental sciences)

F. Medical
G. Agrovasity skills
H. Special Institution
I. Women Development Skills Centre
J. Common Facilities/Infrastructure: Power, Roads, ICT, recreational sports, utility, roads, electricity, restaurant, telecoms, mass transit, religion, water, sewage, clinic, neighborhood centre, etc
K. Establishment Cost Estimate for Pilot (11) Auto Mechatronics (AM) regional skills workshop- and-training centres: SW take-off scheme
L. Studies/Expansion land/detailed designs/contingency for planning, management
  Total execution cost to be determined by the outline business case study for the educational park.
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