Current Status of HEDGROMIMCS

The following results were achieved by GlAD/HEDGROMIMCS PLC

  • Acquired 1,350 hectares of land at Orile-Owu community land of Osun state while efforts are on-going to obtain land in Abuja and other Geo-zones,
  • Paid for land deposit,
  • Secure Osun State Government approval for the C of 0 being processed with deposit paid from the total amount for C of 0 Certification fees,
  • Completed perimeter survey and topographical survey of 1,350 hectares land,
  • Produced a Generic Business Development plan,
  • Produced the Generic Masterplan for 8-in-1 parks; and
  • Obtained the valuation report on the acquired land,
  • The People’s Manufacturing City project was pitched at the Nigerian-In-Diaspora Investment Summit, 6th – 7th November, 2019 at Presidential Villa, Abuja with encouraging remarks by the Vice-President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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