The promoters of this project seek to provide multi-sectoral solutions to the societal problems of skills gap, industry-focused education, health challenges, local content manufacturing, construction limitations and industrialization constraints, food importation amongst other set of outstanding avoidable disaster-causing factors leading to Nigeria’s current mass unemployment, hunger, under-employment, low-scale local manufacturing with attendant calamities affecting the country’s image.


It is with a view to addressing the myriads of these problems, that we have developed the manufacturing city project initiative as an integrated multi-purpose development parks targeting the attraction of private human and material resources to drive the realization of the dream using Public Private Partnership (PPP) delivery method. The poly-skills project is packaged as first phase I/Phase I of the entire multi-purpose parks as modern skills is essential for the entire project. The polyskills/polyvarsity project will be executed within a development period of 2-3 years from take-off date.

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