Current Status of Hedgromimcs (Key Achievements To-date)


  • Conceptualization of idea under the disaster prevention, reduction of management initiative for job creation, crime prevention, sustainable economic development goals.
  • Hosting of community meetings for Land Allocation and Associated Legal Consultations.


Aggressive search for host project land in FCT, Lagos, Ogun States with no success but Lagos 200 Hectares at 4 Billion, Ogun / Sagamu 200 Hectares at 20 billion all too small size at huge cost. Osun government has no direct allocation but ORILE OWU provided 1,350 Hectares eventually!


  • Legal consultation and community meeting with land owners / stakeholders for access.
  • Perimeter and complete site survey.
  • Topographical survey
  • Physical planning into districts: Agro, Education, Health, Sports, Infrastructure, Logistics, Offices, Residentials. Osun state economics study


  • Concept masterplan award
  • Business development plan (generic) for all parks
  • Preparation of parks information memorandum
  • Preparation of investment profiles


  • Application for take-off loan
  • Processed and Secured C of O approval by Osun State Government.
  • Feasibility study on phase I project: People’s Polyvasity Multi-Skills.


  • Registration of Hedgromimcs Investment PLC.
  • Soliciting for loan and financial partners.
  • Preparation of outline business case studies to determine central costs for PPP delivery.
  • Preparation of feasibility study for the Polyvarsity multi-skills project.
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