• POWER PLANT: This dedicated power generation and supply source will boost energy needs and stability to the various manufacturing units planned for establishment
  • LOGISTICS PARK: Efficient logistics is essential for a successful manufacturing plant. Facilities shall be deployed to cater for materials, machinery and human logistics at the centre.
  • WOMEN CENTRE: A core element of sustainable development goals is women and gender mainstreaming and development. This centre will promote all relevant projects for gender-specific advancement.
  • EDUCATION SKILLS PARK: Polyvasities will assist parents and students to reduce stress, psychological trauma and seeming rejection for failure of the system to establish enough universities for qualified admission seekers nationwide. A comprehensive educational promotion and development zone capable of revolutionizing knowledge and modern skill delivery opportunities.
  • REFERAL HOSPITAL: The centre will cater for medical health and related needs of occupants and neighbouring populations.
  • NEEDS PARK: Various home and industry manufactured products shall be made from this complex manufacturing centre.
  • ENGINEERING PARK: Diversified assembly operations and engineering spares shall be locally manufactured therein.
  • IRON AND STEEL, FOUNDRY SECTION: Material transformation through melting, moulding, casting, forging and other methods shall be done.
  • RELIABILITY CENTRE: Will provide design-out and maintenance support for the project.
  • SKILLS COMPLEX: Massive skill upgrade and gap bridging shall be facilitated for countrywide benefit of citizenry
  • SPORTS PLAZA: To tap the talents of youths for development pursuits.
  • OTHERS: Associated development projects to be explicit in the detailed study.
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