Proposed Arrangement of Funding /Capital Raising

The Hedgromimcs project will be funded through a capital raising forum due to the inability of Hedgromimcs plc to make funds available for the kick start of the project over the years. On the other hand, this option will provide potential investors valuable insight into the execution of the project and its profitability.

  • Target

To kick start the project, a sector-specific feasibility study and related preliminary expenses will have to be carried out on the proposed 1,350 Hectare of land.

  • Source of Funding

Hedgromimcs plc is seeking for funds and willing to accept donations from individual investors and institutional investors (local or foreign), Equity Investment from project promoters, Capital markets, National and Foreign commercial banks and financial institutions, international financial institutions.

  • Means of Funding: Options include: Start-up Grant/Loan/Equity Fund
  • Through Government Assistance: The government provides finance to companies in cash grants and other forms of direct assistance, as part of its policy of helping to develop the national economy, especially in high technology industries and in areas of high unemployment;
  • Bank lending: Borrowings from banks are an important source of finance to companies. Bank lending is still mainly short term, although medium-term lending is quite common these days,
  • Individual/ Institution donations: Planning fundraising events, such as jumble sales and gala dinners,
  • Business expansion scheme funds,
  • Through charity events,
  • Crowd funding,
  • Invitations through letters to top financial institutions (banks) and others; and
  • Foreign Direct Investments/ Collaboration with partners.

For this process to be implemented successfully, Hedgromimcs plc shall appoint a transaction adviser to conduct the capital rising in the best international standard available for the success of the project.

Land Acquired: Land Allocation (1,350 Hectares)

Sn Zone Size in Hectares Percentage (%)
  Agro park 100.6 7.5
  Daily needs park Part of Manufacturing NA
  Automotive hub 202.1 14.9
  Education park 200.7 14.9
  Medical park 150 11.1
  Manufacturing/ICT park 150.7 11.2
  Residential 240.3 17.8
  Sport park 50.7 3.8
  Aviation/ R&D 51.1 3.7
  Centralized P-exh./ hotel/ malls/ facilities/ common infrastructures/ tourism 75.8 5.5
  Financial Institutions, offices, utilities mall, fire stations, rail stations, market, commercial 113.2 8.4
  Others/Roads 14.5 1.1
  Total (Hectares) 1,350 100%

  • Loan to Fund

Core Preliminary Expenses (Estimate: Call to Know) official on 28/3/2021

  Cost of Land excluding Certificate of Occupancy
  Compensation/resettlement cost
  Cost of Master plan Design
  Detailed EIA Study
  Detailed site and Topo survey
  Academic Brief Preparation for poly-varsity/OBC/Flagship & Prelim
  Feasibility Study for Water Dam
  Power Plant Feasibility study (Independent)
  Feasibility Study for Medical park/OBC
  Feasibility Study for Manufacturing Park/OBC
  Others/feasibility studies: Skills Complex, Sports, Agro, OBC
  Staff, Mobility, BDP/info-M/working capital at Take-off, office rent


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